Saturday, 28 June 2014

Interior Design Interns.

Hi Shekhar,

WE are desperately in need for Interior Design Interns.
Please if you could place an advertisement for wants in Indore and for draftsman who wanna work from home.

For the Post of

1) Draftman
2) Site Supervisor

People with knowledge of one or more from following can apply:

1) Basic knowledge and idea of Interior   Designing
2) AutoCAD
3) Ravet
4) 3ds MAX
5) Good Communication skills

Creatively yours,
ACE creatiwitty

Sunday, 1 September 2013

A Handbook For Future Managers And Engineers


A Handbook For Future Managers And Engineers. How to Take Off Your Professional Career from an Average to Exceptional with the Hidden PSR in You.
A Book By working CEO and Manager with day to day and live Examples How to Fight with Global Recession.

When we were working for Mission To Canada and working for Google Project with 4 students of Indian Institute of Management, we realize that our Productivity is directly proportional to the Speed and Relevancy has been achieved so far. We learnt a lot from the Diplomatic Officials of Govt of Canada and even from Students of Indian Institute of Management.   

The Book is based on a comprehensive market research study and opinion surveys conducted by Worldwide Achievers.   

Productivity, Speed, and Relevancy is directly proportional in the order of the terms, Increasing or Decreasing together, and with a constant ratio, opposed to inversely proportional.

Without Ambitions
Is Like
Bird without Wings


Surbhi        Maheshwari
Surbhi is working with AeroSoft Corp as a Finance Manager and also looks into matters related to marketing areas of the company. She is an easy going person belonging to the city “Indore-Heart of Madhya Pradesh “and did her MBA in Finance and Marketing from Prestige Institute Of Management and Research, also has completed her Bachelors degree from DAVV, Indore. She has an experience in content writing and has done internship at VE Commercial Vehicles. Ltd., Pithampur inFinance. 
Surbhi is well versed with the knowledge of various financial courses along with basic management subjects like Economics, Taxation, Financial Services, Marketing Management, Research and Analysis and Accounting.
 She believes in character values; enjoy challenges and looks for a creative solution to problems. She is keenly interested in writing Finance Blogs and Articles. 

Shekhar     Gupta 
    Shekhar is a Professional Pilot with more than 8 years experience of Flying on 14 different types of Aircrafts in 10 different countries with accident free Flying record. Shekhar is good in Flying Training as well as in Ground Class for Pilots. Shekhar started his Flying career from Skycaps [Colombo] and worked for many Airlines Training Companies from different part of the world. He trained more than 350 Pilots who are flying worldwide. He is a member of Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association [USA], Royal Society of Aeronautics [UK], Delhi Flying Club, Aeronautical Society of India, MP Flying Club Indore, Aeronautical Research Society. Before Editing this book Shekhar personally visited more than Top200 Aviation Academies from more than 15 different countries.
Shekhar is a frequent Flyer on AA, Air India, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Delta Airlines, Emerites, Ethihad, Jet Airways, Kingfisher and many more. Shekhar is an active member of a micro Business Mission set up by Govt. of Canada and Air Transport Association of Canada.  His recent passion is Aviation Blogging and Aviation SEO for which he takes classes for Pilots from different countries in abroad and IIT & IIM students in India. 

We Put our heart, mind, intellect and soul even to our

Smallest acts. This is the secret of AeroSoft Success."

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Difference Between a Working Professionals And an UnEmployed Professionals

There is no Big Difference Between a Working Professionals And an UnEmployed Professionals Only Mindset matters. Due to Global Recession many Qualified
Professionals are not getting suitable Jobs. Professionals Think they are too
Big for some small Jobs But may be They are too Small for some Big Jobs.

Working Professional have Big Confidence ;
UnEmployed Professionals have Big Guilty.

Working Professional have Big Dreams;
UnEmployed Professionals have Big Schemes But No Work.

Working Professional have Big Goals;
UnEmployed Professionals have Big Loans

Global Recession is an Opportunity for Working Professionals;
Global Recession is an  Excuse for UnEmployed Professionals

Working Professional Enjoy Talking and Going Out;
UnEmployed Professionals do not Enjoy Talking and stay Home

Working Professional Good in Speed;
UnEmployed Professionals Good in  Excuses .

Working Professional see Possibilities;
UnEmployed Professionals see Problems.

Working Professional can makes Commitments;
UnEmployed Professionals can't even makes Promises.

Working Professionals are a part of the Winning Team;
UnEmployed Professionals are Apart from the Team.

Working Professionals say "I must do Something New";
UnEmployed Professionals say "Something must be done".

Working Professionals  is always a part of the Answer;
UnEmployed Professionals are  always a part of the Problem.

Funny Difference Between 
a Working Professional And an UnEmployed Professional

Working Professionals  Always Needs Work then Money;
UnEmployed Professionals always Needs Money Not Work.

There is no difference in persons. It's the same thing. There is a difference between being UnEmployed and being Mentally Disabled though if that is what you mean. The difference is if  your unemployed you don't have a job. If you disabled you can't get a job due to a Physical or Mental disability.

Unemployment is when you have the ability and are willing to work. (you were laid off of work and are looking for another job but cannot find one) non-employment suggests that one has no job for reasons other than ability and willingness. 

Name           :  Pragati Srivastava
Education      :  PGDBA
Organisation   :  Kingfisher Airlines Ltd.

Designation   :  InFlight Manager 
                 Cabin Crew Incharge

Brands :
Car    :   Indigo CS
Review :   Comfortable and good mileage  

Laptop :  Hp Compaq Presario 
Review :  Clarity and speed 

Mobile : Nokia E71
Review :  Handy and durable

Brands Review

If you are one of the Tech Savvy Business Woman with own Mobile Laptop And a Car you can send us your Bio with some good pics and following details. You can also give your reviews about the brand you are using.

Review is optional. If you have more then one brand you can add more. The main motive of this Project to Motivate others young Tech Savvy  to follow your pathways.

Name              :   
Education         :  
Organisation      :  
Designation       : 

Brands :

Car    :   
Review :   

Laptop :  
Review :  

Mobile :  
Review :  

Brands Review : [ Optional ] 

Ø Airlines : 
Ø Review   :  

Ø Airport  :  
Ø Review   :  

Ø Bank     :  
Ø Review   :  

Ø Car      :  
Ø Review   :  

Ø Hotel    :  
Ø Review   :  

Ø Laptop   :  
Ø Review   :  

Ø Mobile   :  
Ø Review   :  

Mail to :,,

Surbhi Maheshwari [MBA Fin / Mktg ] 
Manager Finance / Mktg
M : +91969125733

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

This Blog Coming soon

This Blog Coming soon

For any further query feel free to contact us.

Surbhi Maheshwari [MBA Fin / Mktg ] 
Manager Finance / Mktg
On Line Assistence :
M : +919691257331

Cover for 'Pilot’s  Career  Guide'
By Shekhar Gupta
Rating: Not yet rated. 
Published: July 13, 2013 
Words: 26,240 (approximate)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781301650040

Short description

International Airline Pilot’s Career Guide Learn Step By Step How to Become an International Airlines Pilot By Shekhar Gupta Niriha Khajanchi 

Extended description

1. Your Aviation Career Starts Here
2. Pilot Training
3. Flight Ratings – SPL, PPL, CPL, ATPL
4. Pilot and Personal Computer
5. Medical Requirements for Pilots
6. Pilot Training – Where to get it.
7. Best Commercial Pilot Training Schools
8. Aviation Crew [Flight, Cabin, Ground]
9. Aircrafts [Single Engine, Multi Engine, Prop, Turbo Prop, Jet]
10. Best Paying Flying Jobs
11. Pilots Interview Questions
12. Aviation Organizations
13. List of Abbreviations
14. Aviation Jargons
15. FAQ

Click her to Order